Centanni - Chernin + Associates, Inc. (C+C) is a full service architectural, interior design and planning firm with over 50 years of experience in both building transformation and new construction.

Our approach is straight forward: Clear lines of communication are established by C+C at project inception and are vigorously maintained through design and construction. Roles are clearly defined and expectations are carefully delineated. This prevents overlap of responsibilities or gaps in service. This approach to project management becomes the backbone to our practice.
We look forward to demonstrating these skills to you.

Who We Are

How We Work

Collaboration is key to any project. Our team have worked with several delivery systems, from design-build, fast track, construction management and bid processes.

We pride ourselves on understanding our clients needs. We work in a collaborative manner with the owner, contractor and all team members towards the success of the project. We create a turn-key solution combining our expertise in architecture, interior design, and planning to create innovative solutions.
These services are the vehicle for meeting those needs and surpassing our clients expectations.

What We Create

Our portfolio shows the passion we have for creating works of art in several different areas such as architecture, interior design, planning + more. We achieve the work through different mediums.

The firm's depth is vast including corporate, mixed-use, hospitality, residential (custom + multifamily) projects, as well as healthcare, education, government and worship facilities.
Although we've done work in several different markets, our focus and specialization is focused on residential and commercial projects.